About my project here

I’m in Guangzhou to make new work. The work I want to make here is a number of (scale models for) mobiles (like Alexander Calder made them), but then powered by a single motor at the top. By playing with, among others, the connections, the masses, the shapes, the motion of the motor, I can cause the mobile to move in a complex, never-repeating pattern. This kind of motion, repetitive but always different, in a certain sense ‘circular’, I find fascinating. The models I’m making here are larger versions, in different materials, of models I made before leaving.

While in China I’m allowing myself to be influenced by techniques, materials and objects that cross my path. I buy and find my parts, materials and tools here; I didn’t bring very much. At the moment I’m intrigued by the tingling sound of metal chopsticks striking each other and I want to work with ceramics, like that of rice bowls.

Also I’m working on an integrated motor unit with driver electronics, that I’ll be using to power the mobile and can program with whatever pattern I wish. I’m buying and fabricating all the components and parts locally. This motor unit is currently demanding most of my attention. Below are some pictures of a first prototype. Some parts were done by 3D printing at the studio of an amazing Dutch/Chinese design firm here in Guangzhou. I’m now having these parts made in aluminium and steel and look forward to the second prototype.

Assembling prototype 1
Assembling prototype 1
More or less what it would look like. This next to one of the smaller scale models from home.