Where I live

These are some pics of my house (well, my street) and my neighbourhood. I moved out of the gallery, where I was staying the first few weeks, and into ‘my own place’. It’s nice to have some distance between work and home.

The neighbourhood where the gallery is, and my apartment, is called Dongshankou. It’s one of the two old centers of Guangzhou; it’s a very nice area with lots of trees, old houses, historic sites (such as a house where Chairman Mao lived for a year, although none of my visitors have been particularly impressed by this fact as there seem to be many such places in China), coffee places and art galleries.

My street (front side)
My house
My street (side). At the very left is the entrance to my house.
My breakfast. Love my somewhat European bread and peanut butter. Not pictured but also purchased: cheese.
Street where ART23 is located; entrance is just on the left of image.
Near ART23; different kind of picturesque
ART23 entrance
The local bus stop / main square.
Local mini-park