About my project here

I’m in Guangzhou to make new work. The work I want to make here is a number of (scale models for) mobiles (like Alexander Calder made them), but then powered by a single motor at the top. By playing with, among others, the connections, the masses, the shapes, the motion of the motor, I can […]

Where I live

These are some pics of my house (well, my street) and my neighbourhood. I moved out of the gallery, where I was staying the first few weeks, and into ‘my own place’. It’s nice to have some distance between work and home. The neighbourhood where the gallery is, and my apartment, is called Dongshankou. It’s […]

Markets markets markets

More images from the first few weeks below. These are mainly focused on things you can buy. Guangzhou and nearby Shenzhen are commercial hubs, there is so much trade here it is dazzling. I spent a few days visiting wholesale markets where you find rows upon rows of shops selling similar items, from the mainstream […]

First post from GZ

I’m on a residency at ART23, in Guangzhou, China, for three months. I’ve been at ART23 for two weeks, in China for three, and I’m already behind on my blog. I’ll try to make up with some image posts that will give some impressions of these first few weeks. This one is pictures from the […]